Business Development

“Business is one of the most powerful institutions on Earth for creating wealth and opportunity and helping to lift people out of poverty. When you think about it that way, then business is not separate from development policy”. 

Peter Blair Henry

When we look to establish a business plan, we have to discover the business. Yes, discover the business. It is a different perspective, but we often encounter entrepreneurs looking to accomplish a task, instead of defining and establishing a service or product.

This is an area that we focus on. Most customers find this experience rewarding because they learn about how they vision can come together. As such, we like to take this time and ask you to think about commitment. While the process of entrepreneurship is very exciting and can be extremely rewarding, it does take a level of commitment over and above what it takes to work a job. So ask yourself these three questions:

What do you want to accomplish in your business?

How do you see yourself accomplishing tasks to support your business?

How do you measure success?

Many of you will venture into entrepreneurship and find it a more serious affair than you thought, while others will pick up steam and excitement about new possibilities. We will defer to latter, and let the focus be on success. Treuvizion is here to help you start and continue your journey to entrepreneurship and build out your opportunities to grow your business.

Moving the chess pieces of ideas into executable business plan is not an easy task. Establishing a needed product or service is no easy thing to achieve either. So there are three steps to gaining an understanding about your product or service:

Discover: In discovering your product or service you should understand exactly what you plan to accomplish. What makes the product or service marketable? Is the product or service unique or just an enhancement to an existing product or service?

Develop: After discovering your proposed product or service you should develop a plan around and support of the product or service. The product or service should establish SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). Each should be considered in establishing requirements and risk analysis. This information should be used to evaluate the product or service, and establish firm objectives.

Plan: With firm objectives supporting your product or service created within the development process, you are ready to put together a draft of your plan. During the planning process there will be a need to revisit the two previous processes to refine parts of your plan.

If you would like assistance with establishing a business plan or re-establishing an existing business plan, please send an inquire to